•Wax Workshop•

Arch 406 students held a wax workshop to inform the members of the Las Lomas community of their semester’s research.  Led by Allison Gay and Miranda Rogers, the workshop featured each student’s work and examined all of the wax making trials.  The purpose of the workshop was to provide a resource to the community members to help stimulate the local economy of Las Lomas.

Miranda Rogers, Daniel Senning, and Allison Gay conduct the wax workshop to members of Las Lomas.

       Miranda Rogers demonstrates a form of candle making.

Katie Ogden and Miranda Rogers explain a wax project to Las Lomas member. 

“Working with the Las Lomas Community was very fun and rewarding.  I felt like I was able to help the community reach some of their goals especially concerning the candle making business.  By presenting to the center what we as a class learned while making wax objects we were able to put them one step closer to forming their own small business.  Painting the mural was also a great way for us to make a positive impact on the community.”

Miranda Rogers

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