•Mural Workshop•

“This border studio trip to Las Lomas was an incredibly worthwhile experience knowing that our knowledge and skills as designers could truly benefit a community in need. With a variety of projects and activities happening around the Colonias Unidas Community Center on Saturday, the community members that were present had lots to see.”

David Rose

     Students prepare the wall for the mural.


     Students trace the mural images onto the wall.

“I spent most of my time assisting with the wall mural. Working on this mural highlighted the notion that teamwork and perseverance can really accomplish any goal. It seemed like a daunting task at first but everyone together pulled through to finish this inspirational fish monster mural before our departure. Our gifts to the community of Las Lomas are just small tokens of appreciation and respect to an organization doing great things for south Texas.”

David Rose

Professor Peter Lang helps students paint the mural. 

Allison Gay paints a  fish on the mural. 

Elizabeth Tschirhart and classmates work on the mural. 

“As for the mural, I believe the design with the fishes and bubbles was whimsical and perfect for kids. Having the fish mural on the inside wall of the center not only matches the mural from last year, but it also ties that entire open space together. Furthermore, I enjoyed working with my fellow students and doing something for the community of Las Lomas.”

Valerie Stevens

       Children in the community pitch in to paint the wall. 

David Rose paints bubbles on the mural wall. 


Everyone celebrates a successful trip! 

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