•Future Growth•

Future Growth is the title dedicated to Texas A&M graduate student Hector Ochoa’s final study with a theme on ‘Agriburbia.’ The presentation to the community explained how agriburbia can be applied to a future development planned near the Las Lomas, TX community. The intent of his project is to create a new type of community housing that become more sustainable and affordable through the implementation of agricultural land. The following are the five main goals used to measure the effectiveness of the community design. By implementing these major points coupled with smart design practices, Hector believes this project can create an much needed opportunity for low-income housing that is both aesthetically pleasing and very cost-effective for both pre and post-construction.

  • Shorten the food model
  • Job creation
  • Affordable housing
  • Standard of living
  • Improve ‘walkability’

Graduate student Hector Ochoa introduces his project “Future Growth”.

      Community members and students at the “Future Growth” presentation.

Community members, professors, and students ask Hector questions about his project.

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